For all intents and purposes, this is where the economic war is fought. All soft wars are wars of information, misinformation, and disinformation. They aim to control thought formation. And fuck me it’s effective.

If your thoughts are shaped for you before you’ve had them, your actions are not your own.

This should scare the bejeezus out of you, because you already know most of your actions aren’t your own, don’t you? You keep spending that money you need to save, putting off that task, smoking those fags, drinking that beer, watching that shit on TV, playing those ridiculous games. And nothing gets better.

We all do it. To some extent, our actions keep us locked into the economic system that funnels our energy, resources, wealth and time away from what we want to achieve and instead to those who already have more than they can ever use.

Don’t beat yourself up. It isn’t your fault.

This war has been fought for a very long time, and very few of us realise it’s happening. That’s all because of the media. The messages conveyed through images, TV, newspapers, magazines and music are powerful and they’ve been weaponised.

Look at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a terrorist sympathiser, but our own Government  is a noble defender of democracy despite aiding, funding and training actual terrorists in Syria. (It’s OK though, these are “moderate rebels” acting to depose an elected head of state through armed insurrection. The millions who’s lives have been destroyed? acceptable collateral losses.) He’s a threat to our financial security with dangerous notions of reducing inequality and redressing the imbalances in our economy, while our Government is keeping us secure by imposing measures that directly impoverish most of us and transfer that wealth to those already at the upper echelons of income and wealth distribution. More and more are pushed toward poverty while the safety net is being withdrawn.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. “Media” isn’t just something that authorities produce and we consume. Any of us can create our own message. Our own commentary. Our own thoughts. Our own images. And now we have the ability to share this instantly with anyone. For a brief period we have the power to reclaim the narrative and occupy the media. This will be curtailed, probably soon. Because this is power.

It might seem silly, childish and purile, but in 2009 I saw how powerful a tool we have in the social media platforms available to us. In 2009 we took back the music charts from Simon Cowell. I know, you’re laughing because it’s so unimportant right?, but a completely organic campaign beat the entire corporate machine and odds of 500-1 to put an old, niche rap/metal single at no1 in the UK pop music charts for Christmas.

So what you ask? Fast forward to sept 2015.

Despite overwhelmingly negative media coverage, public speeches by some of (previously) the most influential people in UK public life, and dire warnings of eternal doom, Jeremy Corbyn was elected the leader of the Labour Party with the biggest vote share ever by any leader of any party in the UK.

Plenty of others have analysed and commented. I just want to highlight one thing: A completely organic campaign sprang up around him. Social media was utilised by ordinary people who for the first time in decades had a chance to have a person in a position of power who represented their voice. They took it upon themselves to spread the message. They even organised their own telephone banks and canvassing teams. They beat odds of 100-1. #JezWeCan became #JezWeDid

The establishment don’t like it. Even those media outlets and commentators you thought were on your side are attacking him, exposing their real agenda and actually, more frighteningly for them, their irrelevance and lack of power to influence.

It’s becoming clear how powerful we are when we act in unison behind a shared idea. We can create our own narrative, our own message, our own vision, our own reality.

The stakes are high – this might be the last chance for a long time to give the world the alternative Thatcher thought she’d killed with the lie of TINA.

The extreme actions of the current Government could easily be their own undoing. A case in point: BBC TV’s Question Time, Thurs 15 Oct 2015. Audience member Michelle Dorrell could not contain her rage when Tory MP Amber Rudd once more espoused the disingenuous party line that they are building a strong economy that will help everyone. Michelle voted for them, and she’s about to suffer significant financial loss because the party is going to break a solemn promise they made before the election not to cut Tax Credits. She chastised them and called out their lie, and it will have resonated with many watching.

Here’s an interview with her, follwed by 2 clips I urge you to watch: Click here to watch the BBC clips

This could be such an important moment in the war for the media. A moment of unspun truth. A heartfelt exposition of the reality of the economic war. But some are still unconsciously fighting for those powerful wealthy elites. “Stupid Tory voter put them in power. She deserves all she gets” was a common comment. Unbelievable. Chunky Mark said it as well as any other:

Chunky Mark, The Artist Taxi Driver is an example of my point here. It doesn’t matter what you think about him. He’s doing it. He’s making media that puts his alternative view out there. He’s made his own documentaries and interview series. He even does political watercolours. 1,000s of others are doing it too. Now you’ve seen how skewed and controlled the media is, and you’ve seen how much power we can have if we speak our truth and voice our vision, what are you going to do?

The fight is on. Your duty calls.
With Art and Media as our weapons we can kill our televisions. We can create the reality.