In the last couple of weeks I’ve watched the media pump out horrifying statistics about the increase in poverty, begin to discuss the reality that the decisions and actions of the current Government are directly causing this tragic destruction of people’s lives, and without skipping a beat triumphantly declare that the economy is fixed and actually this Government is presiding over the biggest reduction in inequality for a generation or more.

Not even the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance from them. Utterly gob-smacking.

I’ve already outlined what a “soft war” is and how important the media is in the battle to keep power, privilege, money and resources firmly under the control of a self-serving elite and as far out of your grasp as possible. This isn’t a new theory. For me it just started out as a slow recognition of the reality I was living in, but when I saw what I was observing happening today being described in the Labour Party election manifesto from 1945 I was both encouraged and disheartened at once. Beveridge et al observed this about the state of the country after WW1:

“The great inter-war slumps were not acts of God or of blind forces. They were the sure and certain result of the concentration of too much economic power in the hands of too few men. These men had only learned how to act in the interest of their own bureaucratically-run private monopolies which may be likened to totalitarian oligarchies within our democratic State. They had and they felt no responsibility to the nation.”

I didn’t study History, even at GCSE. We did “Integrated Humanities” which consisted of Dinosaurs, Romans, the trenches and (in my opinion) awful poetry of WW1. I concluded it was irrelevant. How much do I regret that now? Christ, we’ve learnt nothing from our past at all. The “hard-faced men” who the real Labour party identified as deliberately impoverishing the masses and who profit from war, who control Governments, industries, information and jobs weren’t beaten in 1945. They were just waiting in the wings until those events were far enough in the past that we would fall for the same con tricks.

And we have.

Despite what everyone in this country knows, that the clearly criminal Banking elite fixed market after market, from LIBOR to Gold, Oil, food, currencies, laundered billions upon billions of dollars of drug lords’ profits, and ultimately destroyed their own institutions in the pursuit of profit and control, it is us who are paying the price of their crimes and failures. They’ve kept the jobs they failed at, while we have to sell our hospitals, schools, libraries, our dreams and our futures to keep up the welfare payments our Governments have promised them. The same Governments we elect to to represent us.

Well, the predicted results of these decisions are starting to manifest. They are devastating. In the first 3 months of this year over 150,000 households were referred to foodbanks so they wouldn’t starve. Government Minister’s response: the food banks are creating a supply by simply existing. They offer a free commodity, so the demand will be endless.

In the words of The Artist Taxi Driver: You WHAT?

To get food from a foodbank you have to be referred from a professional in health, social care, from DWP. It isn’t a free-for-all. They’re trying to paint this as a lifestyle choice, inferring that only scroungers use foodbanks, that its the fault of the people using them and the people providing them. Anger and disgust are the only human reactions possible to this soft war tactic of deception.

Then you consider that the biggest foodbank provider, the Trussell Tust, is run by venture capitalists and ex-financial market traders with links to both New Lab and Tory parties who pride themselves as being at the forefront of “reforms”  to UK welfare system, and you realise there’s a far bigger, far more disturbing strategy in play here. This is far more sophisticated than those inter-war machinations Labour highlighted, and now Labour are part of the economic war against you. These foodbank providers are part of a network profiteering from the reforms they are lobbying government for.

“Reform” seems to just mean “giving your money, your services, your power, your future to our rich friends while you watch X-factor”

Plenty of people are speaking up about this, from the Church to Amnesty International. But somehow it never gets more than a fleeting mention in the media. But you know what was given big coverage? a deceptive ONS report about income inequality.

This report split the population into five groups, from the lowest-earning 20% to the highest-earning 20%, and compared their incomes to that of recent years, factoring in taxes and benefits. With these figures there does seem to be a leveling off. So that’s good, right? Hang on, let’s think about this.

Income is not distributed evenly across large chunks of the population. We know the top-earning 1% of the population far out-earn the other 99%, and in fact the top 0.1% far out-earn the other 99.9%. So adding this small number of very high earners into a much larger group of much lower earners hides their disproportionate income.

Is this important? You betcha! These very highest-earners are the people in the highest positions. They are the ones making the decisions that affect our lives – the “hard-faced men” who really govern, regardless of who we elect. They are nearly all men, too. Of the highest earning 0.1% of the UK population, 9 out of 10 are male. This report doesn’t make any mention of unearned income. Or off-shored income. How many media outlets discussed these shortcomings of this report, or the implications? If we base our decisions on such flawed data and analysis we will only compound the problems our world faces.

What this tells us is there isn’t really 5 groups going by income. There are two: Those very select few with far more than they need, and everyone else fighting over their crumbs. Its the second group that is becoming less unequal as we are all made poorer, while the richest 0.1% are INCREASING their share of national income.

It might seem overly crude to lump people earning £10,000 £30,000 and even £100,000 together, but compared to the £500,000  to multiple MILLIONS that the top earners are grabbing every year, and combined with the huge accumulated wealth these high-earners already have everyone else has this same thing in common: Us little guys have no power, and we have no hope of gaining power under the present system. The super-rich are the ones who own the industries, the media, the MPs and Peers. If you need £250,000 to get a personal dinner with our PM to push “reforms” you can benefit from, and you earn £30,000 or even £50,000 what hope have you got? If you donate £1,000 to a party, and someone else donates £1,000,000 – well, how much clout do you think you’ll have? Who’s company will get the lucrative £Billion contract? Who will be selected to run for parliament? That’s how the system sustains itself.

This also tells us something about that richest 0.1% – they know you know. They know inequality is becoming so extreme we are waking up to it – predictions put us back to Victorian levels of inequality in just a few years time. They know that their money-and-power grab depends on our unconscious compliance. As soon as we fully wake up to it their game is over. So they’re trying to hide it, to con you.  Expect even stronger efforts to deceive and distract. Expect more scapegoating of immigrants, unemployed people, poor people, disabled people. Expect a rise in Nationalism. Considering the recent revelations about police and security service agents infiltrating, organising and even provoking violence within protest groups and even IRA and Al Qaeda, maybe some politically convenient tragedy might be on the cards.

This IS a war.

They ARE fighting dirty.

How far will they go? Remember Iraq. They have no boundaries.

However, more voices are joining the chorus of discontents. New political movements are starting to sprout. Alternative economic and social models are finding new audiences.

I saw Max Keiser describe these “Hard faced men” as vampires – hiding in the darkness, drinking our blood. Why do they hide in the darkness? because under the harsh light of day they crumble to ash. At first I thought he was being daft. Banksters might be many things, but they aren’t supernatural un-dead hunters. That’s ridiculous. But he was right. When their actions are brought under the spotlight, when the public see what they are doing, these “masters of the universe” who are fed through the destruction of our essential services, through our work, through our poverty, they crumble to nothing. Knighthoods are revoked. Bonuses reclaimed. Jail time is served. I don’t know what systems will replace the economic war machine, but I do know that the more we become aware of it the quicker it will die, and the quicker we can begin to build our new world.

So spread the word: We’re in a war. A secret, hidden soft war. One we didn’t start. One we have to win.

People are already dying.