So I’ve wondered if the money-and-power-grab we are witnessing by the richest 0.1% is part of a bigger plan, or if it is an end in itself. Like I’ve said before I’m not sure if that really matters, right now there’s millions dying unnecessarily, billions having their potential crushed so a tiny minority can have it all. If we stop that we’d stop any further plan if it existed.

Americans are unique in the way they depict their own government and corporations in their popular culture. Almost always its with suspicion and fear. Just look at films such as The Manchurian Candidate.

The youtube clip I’ve linked to is a concept trailer for a film, “Gray State”, which gives a visceral hardening to the soft war people are waking up to. Whenever you delve into topics like the economic inequalities of our society, you always bump up against “conspiracy theorists”. It always makes me wonder if I’m making links between events, people, policies and consequences that aren’t actually there. I don’t think I am. The data speaks for itself. The corruption is barely hidden. The suffering is everywhere I look.

I doubt very much that the current financial crisis is a stage toward a fascist one-nation world government. I might be wrong about that. But doing whatever I can (and to be fair it ain’t gonna be much more than blogging, reading, discussing and joining demos) to slow the rise in inequality isn’t wasted either way